Grandmaster Bian Hien Tan

In the years seventy and beginning years eighty was grandmaster Bian Hien Tan frequently a guest at tournaments, festivals and demonstration especially in the indonesian circles to promote his Kuntao. He has been influenced then too much by popular martial arts such as karate, kempo, Taekwondo and pencak silat. The implementation of kuntao-techniques have been adapted then enormous to these martial arts. The basis stand was broadened and the parts were too much carried out with long twinges and too much strength as a result of which the souplesseness (agility) disappeared.
After the establishment of his latest school (our association) he wanted with Mr. Kees Petersen develop the kuntao further. He has looked up silence. He found it not important to step outside again with the kuntao. With Kees Petersen he has returned to the basis. This has resulted in a school with high kuntao quality without influences of other styles. The balance between the dragon, tiger, krane, snake and monkey was back.
In the year of his death (august 11, 2002) he has said several times that he finds it unfortunately that the kuntao in antagonism to the Wing Chun have remained small. To the current generation kuntao teachers he has asked in spite of possible differences in the implementation nevertheless to cooperate and step outside as one organisation.
In this context a cooperation has arisen between our association and that of Wim van Prehn (Kuntao Hokkian Siauw Lim at Papendrecht). Possibly that we can extend the cooperation in the future with other kuntao teachers those are allied to master Bian Hien Tan.
We want to thank our grandmaster for the hard and wise lessons. The missing will remain always except during the lessons because then the memories to him become alive and a smile appear on our face.