The Gerakan TaoKun school

In 1987, his assistant Kees Petersen and master Bian Hien Tan has left the school ' Kuntao Hokkian Siauw Lim ' in dordrecht. They wanted to open a new school. This school has opened its doors in September 1987. The group of the first hour existed from a number of new students and old students. In this period the school was visited a number of times by the kuntao teachers Buddy Ottens and Bertus Vree.
After three years has been decided to give more structure and legal security to the association. Master Bian Hien Tan, Kees Petersen and Kees Tan (the grandson of master Bian Hien Tan) has presented themselves on 27 February 1990 at the notary and set up the association. Because of private circumstances Kees Tan have withdrawn himself after a year from the association.
In the course of years many boys have became a member of the association but a large number of them did not manage the heavy and hard training. Also there were other martial arts such as kickboxing and kempo which was very popular in that time. Of the very first group students has remained only Edwin van Vendeloo and Ian Ho-A-Hing. These two current teachers are the last students of master Bian Hien Tan.
Present is given control by Kees Petersen to the association. Kees Petersen is assisted by three teachers, as it happens, Edwin van Vendeloo, Ian Ho-A-Hing and Edmond Trebels.
The association exists from a fixed core of 15 progressed people. This permanent core aims to pass on the techniques and skills which they had learned from master Bian Hien Tan to new students. There is trained at a high level. The game is a combination of hardness, speed, souplesness (agility) and strength. The basis of this style can be learned within a few years. But if you strive for perfection then it will cost you minimum a lifetime.
The teachers
Kees Petersen have become in 1979 a member, of the association Kuntao Hokkian Siauw Lim. The head teacher was master Bian Hien Tan. In that time the kuntao in dordrecht was enormously popular. The number of students was so large that it was necessary to split this large group under the teachers up. In the beginning years (2 years) Kees Petersen have had lesson from Mr. Buddy Ottens who has opened a school in the beginning years the nineties in Nieuwerkerk to the IJssel (Holland). After the departure of Buddy Ottens, Kees Petersen had become some years lessons of teacher Ernst Dommers and Bert Hardenberg under supervision of master Bian Hien Tan.
Edmond Trebels already came to look at kuntao trainings in dordrecht as a small boy. In the middle of the seventies he became a member of the aforesaid association. End years eighty he has decided to take a look at the Wing Chun (kungfu) in dordrecht and the kuntao school of Jeffrey Dumas in Rotterdam (Lombardijen). Here he had trained a couple off years. Then after the establishment of our association he came back at Kees Petersen and became his assistant.
Edwin van Vendeloo and Ian Ho-A-Hing are the students of the first hour. These teachers have been taught by Kees Petersen and master Bian Hien Tan. Of their master they have got the black belt of the second degree. Edwin van Vendeloo also has qualified himself for several years at shihan Jan Vleesenbeek in dordrecht in the kyokushin karate.
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