Grandmaster Bian Hien Tan

Founder of the KUN TAO HOKKIAN SIAUW LIM in the Netherlands

Master Bian Hien Tan was born on October 11, 1915 in Indonesia. At young age he has occupied himself with all kinds of martial arts such as judo. On his 34 year master Tan has started learning the kuntao techniques. His first teacher was Mr. Kwe Kim Yan. After several years he met via a friend another kuntao teacher named Mr. Liem Khee Ien. By this teacher he could not participating to the trainings but only look. After a couple months became the friendship between him and these kuntao teacher stronger. Mr. Liem Khee Ien made him a proposal which he could not refuse, getting private lessons.
This did not fall at teacher Kwe kim Yan in good ground. Master Bian Hien Tan had to make eventually a choice. This was not easy. The choice fell on Liem Khee Ien. This teacher was the best student of Grandmaster Lie Tjhing Yan, who enjoyed then much reputation. There must be said that master Bian Hien Tan never have got any lessons of Grandmaster have Lie Tjhing Yan. He could only look at his trainings look what moreover in that time not ordinary was.
Master Bian Hien Tan has trained nearly daily at Liem Khee Ien. He was a good student who was very motivated. Within a short time he had worked himself in a core group where he made himself the mysteries of the kuntao own. Unfortunately he has not been able to complete his training. He had take pleasure with 18 kuntao parts and 2 weapon techniques (knife and stick). A number of higher parts he has got on paper.
Eind jaren zestig is grootmeester Bian Hien Tan vanuit Jakarta (IndonesiŽ) naar Dordrecht geŽmigreerd. De reden van de verhuizing was de toenemende discriminatie en agressie van de inheemse bevolking tegen de Indo-europese bewoners. Grootmeester Bian Hien Tan (van origine chinees) was namelijk met een Indo-europese vrouw getrouwd. Met deze vrouw M. Stook-Tan heeft hij 5 kinderen gekregen.
In the beginning years seventy he has started with teaching to two boys called Steven and Marcel. These two boys for their part had trained among other things under the teachers Bert Hardenberg, Ernst Dommers, Jeffrey Dumas, Louis Jordan, Karel Dirksen and Buddy Ottens. End years seventy Mr Tan had set up with a couple of these teachers the association in dordrecht named the ' Kuntao Hokkian Siauw Lim '. In the years seventy and beginning years eighty was master Bian Hien Tan a ' term ' in the kuntao - and pencak silat community in the Netherlands.
In 1987, master Bian Hien Tan has left this association and has founded with his assistant Kees Petersen and his grandson Kees Tan our association.